Assembly electrician and fitter
Release Date:2017/10/17Workplace:Huizhou, ShenzhenNumber:Several

Male, 18-40 years old, strong hands-on ability, with automation equipment assembly, assembly work experience. (mechanical automation, mechanical and electrical, electrical professional graduating students priority)

After sales engineer
Release Date:2017/10/17Workplace:Huizhou, ShenzhenNumber:Several

Male, 18-30 years old, technical secondary school or above, strong practical ability, flexible mind. Experience in installation and commissioning of mechanical equipment after sale. (mechanical automation, electrical and mechanical, electrical professional graduates preferred)

Milling / grinding
Release Date:2017/10/17Workplace:HuizhouNumber:Several

Male, 18-40 years old, can read mechanical drawings, more than 1 years of milling machine or grinding machine operation experience, hardware, parts processing has some experience. Will use all kinds of testing equipment, familiar with the daily maintenance of equipment.

CNC operator
Release Date:2017/10/17Workplace:HuizhouNumber:Several

Male, 18-40 years old, have practical experience in machining center, the relevant professional graduates can also understand the parts drawings, understand the processing technology.

quality of IQC
Release Date:2017/10/17Workplace:HuizhouNumber:Several

18-35 years old, hands-on ability is strong, have automatic equipment quality inspection work experience. Familiar with the commonly used quality testing instruments. (mechanical automation, mechanical and electrical, electrical professional graduating students priority).

Fringe benefits

1, salary

6 days a week, Sunday off;

There are opportunities for promotion and salary adjustment, and year-end bonus is awarded according to performance at the end of the year.

2, training

A sound training system, with induction training, on-the-job training, external training, job skills training and other training programs.

3, holiday

Working for more than one year, according to the provisions of the annual salary paid 5 days. Each year to enjoy 11 days of national holidays, you can enjoy the paid marriage leave, maternity leave, funeral leave, leave off.

4, five

Buy five insurance for all employees.

5. Other benefits

Regular staff dinner, held a wealth of recreational activities and excellent staff selection activities;

Self built environment elegant restaurant, fruit every day after meals;

Accommodation is free, every dormitory is equipped with air conditioning, water heaters and other supporting facilities.

If interested, please send mail to the human resource department mailbox, and make an appointment:

HIT automation equipment (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.

Interview address: Chen Jiang Street Huizhou area Zhongkai Jishan Industrial Park (Po Chi lam in pharmaceutical intersection 300 meters)

Contact: Miss Wu

Tel: 18933507052


Bus routes: 322, 321, the city by 203, 11 bus to Chen Jiang Renrenle station, go straight ahead 200 meters before the Hongzhi hotel to treasure Zhi forest that is 300 meters to the intersection in pharmaceutical industry.

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