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Beat analysis of automatic assembly line

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Theoretical beat time

Since the assembly line of automated assembly line is very similar to the process of manual assembly line, many concepts and methods can be referenced. The workpiece enters from one end of the conveyor line, first entered the first plane assembly operation, operation after the completion of the transmission line into the adjacent a machine operation, until the end of a plane completed operation after finished or semi-finished products. The procedure of the contents of the Taiwan machine is different, so the process of varying complexity, Taiwan plane completed process operation time required (i.e., the plane of the time) is not the same, all in the plane there will be a special process for the longest time, similar to the plane of the role the manual assembly line bottleneck. When a special plane has not yet completed the operation, even if the next plane has been completed, the operation of the process must also be suspended for the first time. Because there is a special phenomenon in the automatic assembly process, this is because of the defects of the quality consistency of parts, it often causes the feeding device (such as the feeding trough of the vibrating plate) to stop the phenomenon of stopping. If this happens, not only the special opportunity to pause wait, and all the rear of the plane plane will be temporarily shut down, the following do not consider this case, only the production line in the case of normal operation of the theory of cycle time analysis. With the manual assembly line is very similar, the assumption that the plane of the cycle time is fixed, the continuous operation of transmission line, as long as the workpiece is not obstructed is fed forward, the automatic assembly line of the takt time takt time is equal to the longest long plane beat, namely Tc=max{Tsi} which Tc assembly line automation theory takt time, min/; the Tsi - plane assembly line automation in the cycle time, min/, i=1,2,... N, n is the number of special planes, and if the manual operation station is included, the number of manual operation stations is also included. For some reasons, such as the automatic assembly line is often based on manual assembly line on time after years of gradual transformation and some manual processes are hard to transform into automatic operation or the cost is too high, so the automatic assembly line is often the actual hybrid assembly line automation plane and some manual operation combination however, the production line and takt time station may be manual station.

Two, theoretical production efficiency

Based on similar analyses in the past, the theoretical production efficiency of the automated assembly line is Rc=60/Tc=60/max{Tsi}, wherein Rc - the theoretical production efficiency of the automated assembly line, /h.

Three, actual beat time and actual production efficiency

The automatic assembly line because of part size inconsistency due to feeding jam downtime, automation plane and conveying line will continue or because the electrical faults lead to stop the loss of time, directly reduce the production efficiency of the production line, therefore need to consider these two factors in the assessment of the production line and the production efficiency of the actual cycle time and, according to the average probability using empirical statistical average probability and the average processing time of blocking parts, machine failure and average processing time, and then allocated to each work cycle. This method of processing is the same as that used in automated machining production lines. The actual average beat time is Tp= Tc+ npTd

The actual average production efficiency is Rp=60/Tp

Among them, Tp - automatic assembly line time, average beat time, min/ pieces;

Tc - the beat time of the longest machine used in automated assembly lines, min/ pieces;

N - the number of automatic special machines in automated assembly lines;

P - automatic assembly line, average downtime per beat per flight, cycle / cycle, Td - automatic assembly line, average downtime per time, min/ times;

Rp - the actual average production efficiency of an automated assembly line, /h.



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