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Energy saving control of air conditioning system in dust-free workshop

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Clean workshop according to the freezing temperature difference between supply and return water and flow value, automatic monitoring of building actual consumption capacity, optimizing equipment operation and operation of equipment and control units, and as a measurement and economic check calculate; for the small scale, small changes in load side flow engineering, according to the number of return water temperature regulation unit, automatic regulation monitoring, manual operation; for large scale, high degree of automation requirements of the project, should give priority to the use of the number of operating cold quantity control unit, control units should be given the boundary conditions of the design; water machine and refrigerator with a commonly used one machine to a pump, chilled water pump operating units can also be made by cold change operation the number of small and medium-sized engineering; usually with a chilled water pump system, in order to meet the demand of reliability and has great potential of energy saving and economical First, the primary pump variable flow system can be adopted. The frequency control mode and speed range of cooling water side should take full account of the efficiency of the chiller and take into account the minimum flow rate of each cooling tower of the chiller. The control of cooling water pump: according to the water thermometer temperature difference, cooling water pump speed control, when the temperature is higher than the set value, should increase the number of cooling tower fan operation or increase fan speed; the lowest frequency setting cooling water pump, water pump to prevent blockage; a transducer should control a water pump, multiple pumps operating in parallel, the same frequency.


Chilled water storage system using the power sector peak power, peak to fill valley, reduce energy consumption and energy saving operation cost, system operation idea is the use of night valley electricity will enable cooler cold storage in the storage tank in the daytime, there will be cold storage capacity of cold tank is released for users to make use of energy the peak start cooler storage tank to make up for lack of production; to monitor the temperature gradient inside the water storage tank, a temperature sensor arranged in the vertical direction of every 500mm; according to the process flow can be divided into five kinds of operating conditions of water storage air conditioning system: the host separate storage, storage tank placed separately, cold, cold, let alone the host the storage tank with cooling, the host host + storage + cooling equipment and the valve switch, according to a predetermined state on-off control automatic control system under different conditions. Shenzhen industry automation equipment can provide clean room, dust-free workshop design, planning, construction, decoration, transformation and other ancillary services.

Energy saving control clean room fan coil: manual control switch and three speed fan fan startup and shutdown; electric water valve automatic control by indoor thermostat; fan start and stop of the electric water valve side chain; room temperature controller should be arranged in the room representative positions, should not be close to the heat, light and light exterior wall; using fan coil dedicated controller, automatic three speed switch and stop control. And control the automatic opening and closing of the electric water valve. The amount of energy saving control variable internal terminal device: energy saving control of VAV terminal device: VAV terminal control is divided into pressure dependent and pressure independent type; pressure dependent terminal equipment does not provide a differential pressure sensor, the indoor temperature and the temperature according to the setting value, determine the throttle opening, cooling mode, when the indoor heat load at low temperature, close the damper, set higher when the throttle opening is large; the indoor temperature sensor from the revised air set value, according to the set point to adjust the air volume of different indoor temperature.


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