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Production management system of dust-free Cleaning Workshop

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First, the purpose of LCD workshop management

LCD production process has strict requirements for the workshop clean degree, in order to meet the needs of production processes, to ensure product quality and safety in production, we must control the LCD clean workshop environment, personnel, materials, equipment, production process etc..

Two, LCD workshop management principles

A. entering the workshop management, including access to the staff, the material into the equipment move in and related to the various types of equipment maintenance and management, should be done may not be debris, particulates and other pollutants into the LCD clean workshop.

B. workshop personnel with dust overalls and cleaning, operators work discipline and operations, as much as possible to reduce and prevent dust particles in the workshop, retention, etc..

The maintenance and management of the C. workshop equipment and facilities, formulate corresponding operation regulations, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and facilities as required, including air filtration systems, electrical systems, process equipment and tools (fixture), to ensure that the requirements of the production process of products and the air cleanliness level.

D. makes clear rules for the cleaning of equipment, facilities, methods, cycles and inspections in the workshop

E. workshop environment control, including: air purification, direct contact with products or chemicals and production equipment, tools and other pollutants control, as well as static control and prevention.

Three, scope of application

LCD production workshop, including change area, air shower, transfer warehouse and equipment access area, and new or expanded dust-free workshop area in the future

Four, LCD workshop cleanliness regular inspection and measurement standards

A. in order to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop to meet the requirements of the process, the cleanliness of the LCD shop must be tested periodically.

B. test equipment: laser particle counter.

C. inspection cycle: a test is carried out in the shop floor every month, and the test result is recorded in Appendix 1 < workshop cleanliness > >.

D. test conditions: static cleanliness test.

E. clean level standards equivalent to GB or ISO CLASS8, static 100 thousand level.

Five 、 LCD workshop personnel management

A. personnel entering the LCD workshop must sign the confidentiality and employment agreement and obtain authorization. Temporary entry of other personnel requires temporary oral authorization from the workshop manager or general manager.

B. personal clothing items put all assigned to the cabinet, in the dressing area for dust-proof clothing, according to the route to strictly enforce the air shower personal collection, is strictly prohibited in the non emergency and from equipment in and out of the door into the shop through the air shower.

The C. staff in the workshop action speak softly, not allowed to run and jump, and slapstick shouting, no unnecessary movements, not easily raised dust and substantial action, avoid other staff gathered onlookers with their work irrelevant, is not allowed to be unrelated to production and easy to produce dust. Into the workshop.

D. staff need to observe the work discipline, not free and frequent access workshop, refer to the company < staff handbook >.



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