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Design of non-standard automatic production line equipment

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First, pay attention to the rationality of the equipment design of the automation production line

In the design process of non-standard automation equipment, we should not only combine the actual production requirements and customer requirements of the equipment, but also ensure the reasonable arrangement of equipment. Reasonable and effective equipment structure is not only conducive to the stable operation of equipment, but also easy installation and maintenance of equipment. First of all, the relevant design specifications of implement is the design personnel need to have the quality, and they need to fully understand the non technical parameters, standard automation equipment functions and process requirements, and to compare the full range of several schemes, and then select the best plan from execution. Secondly, the design staff also need to strengthen inspection and check of non-standard automation equipment parts, to ensure that the parts design specifications and rationality, which makes parts meet the requirements on strength and stiffness parameters etc.. In addition, for the parts of the combination of processing technology and processing materials also need to make accurate and reasonable choice.


Two, strengthen the standardization of automatic production line design

The standardization of automation design can promote the design work smoothly, and can improve non-standard automation

The design quality of the equipment and the standardization of the automation design have laid the foundation of the system for the introduction and utilization of advanced foreign technology. To carry out standardized design activities, we must first establish a set of strict design procedures, and then follow the prescribed order to complete the drawings of the design, process performance review, demonstration program and a series of design steps. To finalize the design documents and drawings in the design process, should be carefully check verification on them to ensure that they meet the relevant design requirements, special attention should be paid to the noun, which is the format used, terminology, symbols, code. More careful inspection must be carried out to implement the design specifications and standards.

Three, the use of three-dimensional software Soildworks design

Soildworks has the advantages of strong innovation, simple operation, rich functions and so on, we can Soildworks provide design many kinds of non-standard automation equipment implementation scheme, which can not only reduce the chance of errors occurred in the process of design, but also can improve the quality of design. Each driver, through Soildworks layout, three-dimensional modeling and object scanning and other functions, and combined with the scanning, stretching and rotating operation, can realize the three-dimensional model of parts automatic production equipment. If the required parts of the strain stress analysis of the general situation, but also very convenient for the size of the model changes. In addition, the software can also make three-dimensional animation simulation, which can simulate all the movements directly, and also can calculate the interference effect between the parts. Soildworks can be used to draw all kinds of complex components, but also can do in the 2D pattern and 3D stereo diagram of the sensitive switch, and also can 3D three-dimensional diagram with three view way print out. When the application of Soildworks design, the designer can put most of the energy used in the design of program structure, which makes the equipment design and modification process is greatly simplified, and can improve the reliability of components multiplied and safety.


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