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Non-standard automatic electrical installation instructions

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Preparation of drawings and materials

A) according to the motor process requirements, determine the main components and write the "electrical control road";

B) on the distribution map and the terminal position of the electric control components, write "electrical wiring diagram", and according to the installation position of the electrical components, draw the "electrical layout"; (electrical wiring diagram of electrical components and be sure to mark the type and list one by one, and the corresponding guide line, thickness, color and line number

C) also attached to the electrical components list of the equipment.

Preparation of common materials, tools and measuring instruments, and electrical components

A) for wire and wire size identification: prepare wire in strict accordance with the "electrical wiring diagram"; for the electric control box of wires required voltage of not less than 550V copper core insulation wire, which is used to control the back line section shall not be less than 0.75mm square (generally considering the mechanical strength of the conductor is usually outside the box of 1mm square, 0.75mm square box), for the weak electronic circuit should not be less than 0.2mm square. The wire laying in electrical installation board are used on the hard line, with many moving parts of the transition line of soft copper wire.

(b) preparation of fasteners: the fasteners used shall be stainless. (except for exceptional circumstances)

C) tool preparation: multimeter, megohmmeters, wire pliers, stripping pliers, pliers, crimping pliers, steel ruler, steel tape. D) prepare the components according to the list of electrical components.

Two. Electrical inspection: general inspection

A) of various components for cleaning, check contactor, relay movable device action is flexible connection is strong, whether there is a bobble head, wrong connection.

B) check the main circuit wiring, pay attention to polarity.

C) check all kinds of control and protection appliances, such as time relay, thermal relay, etc. whether the setting value meets the requirements of the line, whether the fuse is suitable or not.

(d) check the travel switch, limit switch, etc., whether the contact is used correctly, whether the rotation is flexible and whether there is any foreign object inside. E) check the protective earthing system for specification.

The grounding wire should be firm and ensure good contact. Insulation inspection

(a) clean dust, oil and debris.

B) check the conductive parts of the insulation, such as electrical metal shell, base, bracket or core; two different circuits, such as AC circuit of each phase, the main circuit and control circuit, display circuit and protection between AC and DC circuits. Each insulation shall be no less than 500 billion euro.

Check the control circuit (the main circuit is disconnected and connected to the control circuit without load test)

(a) check the correct sequence of actions of the circuits and components.

(b) check whether the linkage, linkage and protection devices are correct. C) check the travel switch, limit switch, and adjust it to the correct position. (d) check the reliability of each component contact, the flexibility of the action, should not be stuck, stick or stagnation phenomenon, and no excessive noise and coil overheating. The main circuit is checked to adjust the main circuit according to the parameters required by the electrical diagram



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