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Assembly line layout and design

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The plane design of pipeline shall ensure that parts of the route is the shortest and the production is convenient for workers to operate, auxiliary service facilities, the most effective use of the production area, and consider the connection line between. To meet these requirements, the assembly line layout should take into consideration the form of the pipeline, the arrangement of the work place in the pipeline and so on. The production line and the automatic assembly line have straight lines, right angles, openings, rings and so on. The arrangement of work stations within the assembly line shall be in accordance with the process line. When the process has more than two work areas, the arrangement of the working place of the same process shall be taken into consideration. Generally, when there are two or more two odd work places, we should consider double row arrangement and divide them into two cases of the transportation route. But when a worker watches over a number of equipment, consider moving the worker as short as possible.

The pipeline position relates to the relationship between the lines, to the processing part of the assembly according to the requirements of the order, the overall layout should seriously consider the material flow, so as to shorten the route, reduce the workload of transportation. In a word, we should pay attention to the rational and scientific organization of water production process.

Establishment of standard drawings for assembly line standards

Line each work all according to a certain beat repeated production, so we can formulate standard plan line chart, showing the production line of standard, system and working procedures and so on, to provide the basis for the preparation of production plan. Continuous assembly line standard plan chart is relatively simple, as long as the entire assembly line work time and procedures on it. The standard schedule for intermittent assembly lines is more complex and requires the time and procedure of each work place in each process.



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